The infographic you’ll see when you  go to the full Doodlespace was created to provide creative inspiration for people looking for it in regards to branding, advertising, and other subjects. It searches the Twitter API for terms, and that is what populates the little “idea clouds” you see. What you see above is a static picture of the piece, but if you Have fun. It’s mesmerizing.   I personally didn’t draw inspiration from the tweet that talked about how today was a good day to go back to bed (except for now I’m thinking it’s a good time to go back to bed), but as more ideas are pulled through the Doodlespace, more ideas will be available to you.  So you can check back for more.

Some random things I saw while I stared at the Doodlespace for a while:

-Busted out an old season of Scrubs #greatidea
-Trying to talk Kinny into getting on Twitter #greatidea #everyoneagrees
– Thinking like a parent, #goodidea #bro
– So I’m thinking about growing a bear…@goodidea ??

So, I guess it will take the thought leaders a while to jump on the bandwagon, but if you want your tweets to be heard in this cool little cloud, use the hashtags #goodidea or #greatidea and check back often.

Design:  A

Very, very creative.

Information:  ?

It’s too soon to tell.  But the idea is an A+

Source:  Ideas by Net