This infographic tackles the question of whether men and women differ in their online shopping habits.  I know that personally, my wife and I differ.  I buy things online, pay for them via PayPal, and am done with it.  My wife tends to like larger purchases that require multiple payments, so that when I go to balance the bank account I have to remember that the $48.78 from Online Vendor A is from that “6 payments with no interest” for a fancy bowl, household appliance, or pair of shoes.  But I digress…

Annual Spending

The first subject the infographic addresses is the average annual online spending for men and women, depending on age.  We find that people in their thirties buy about the same amount as people in their mid fifties or early sixties, though women around 26 years old do the most amount of online shopping.  The creators of the graphic make a little joke, saying that men of a certain age shop online less because they “may be too busy with their midlife crises” and they tell us that women 45-54 are in the prime of their career and have less time to shop, but that they still spend about $200 more per year than men of the same age (the ones busy with their midlife crises).

Shopping Times

We’re given the information that most online purchases are made between 12-1 PM and 7-8 PM.  Women make most of their online purchases during their lunch hour, men make their purchases in the evening.  Actually, that’s if the graphic is to be believed.  If you read what they tell you, only 8% of the 7-8 PM purchases are made by men.  So, the 7-8 PM wedge of the pie being blue may be misleading.  Since the lines int he top graph aren’t too far apart, I guess we can just assume that fewer men make larger purchases.

Average Shopping Time

It says that men take an average of ten minutes to complete their online purchase, while women take fourteen minutes.  They tell us “a guy’s purchase decision is a tactical execution,” while “a woman’s purchase decision is a philosophical examination.”  Even if that’s so, I guess it only takes a woman about four extra minutes to get all philosophical.

Average Spending

This sort of confirms what we said earlier, that men might spend more than women, but the numbers do not differ that much, only about $67.82 for a man’s average purchase, $51.84 for a woman’s.  They do say that men are “more tenured” at shopping online and that explains their comfort with buying more expensive items.  Hm.

Purchases by Day of the Week

We’re told that men do the reconnaissance on the weekends, then go to work Monday morning to bargain hunt and make the purchase.  Tuesdays and Wednesdays are pretty even with the male/female split, but women shop a tiny bit more on Thursdays, men shop more on Fridays, and women shop more on Saturdays and Sundays.

Returning Goods

According to Forrester Research, men return items faster.  If they are going to return it they will do so within the first day or two, and the average (which is not indicative of the reality) is within 21 days.  Women, who return items less frequently, will do around day 4 or day 5.

Design:  B

They use blue and pink for men and women, respectively, which is the most logical choice, I suppose, but with the marbled pink, blue, and yellow background it sort of looks like a nursery gone wrong.  The typeface used is pleasant, and the whole thing is arranged nicely.

Information:  A

If it’s true, it gets an A.  I feel like the averages take a lot of extreme variables into account, so the overview we’re getting is slightly watered-down, but for what it is, it’s fine.

Source: provides coupons and cash back