If you own a car you have heard the debate about which company is the best. The rivalry between Ford, Chevy, and Dodge is not going anywhere but this infographic lays out some information and lets you compare them yourself.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design:  A+

This infographic is exactly what I like to see when I look for a good infographic. There is a big header with a title that explains exactly what the infographic is about. The background and overall theme work well together including all of the colors and text fonts. The different information is broken into sections that are clearly labeled making it easy to read and the images and charts used are fun and bring the information to life. I honestly have no complaints on the design of this infographic because I truly feel like it is very well done.


Infographic Information: A

The information does exactly what the title suggests and it compares the different companies’ information in an easy way for readers to understand. The charts help to compare the information and the tips from the mechanic were a nice little extra piece. I like that after having all the information compared at the top you are then asked to vote for your favorite. This infographic can help to settle the old debate about which truck has the better engine.

This infographic was provided by AutoAnything.com. Check out their blog!

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