Credit cards are used daily by everyone but one group of people tends to be bombarded with credit cards and that is young people. The government passed and act that was supposed to help with this problem but credit card companies seemed to have just worked around it and have started to use social media more to reach young people. This Card Hub Infographic takes a look at how these credit card companies are using social media.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design:  A+

The design for this infographic is fun and bright which gives it a young vibe that would be appealing to the younger generation. All of the images that are used relate to pop culture things that young people would know. The text and heading are in fun and interesting fonts that make the infographic exciting to read. The top header and title look like it would be on a social media site and the use of the blue brid from twitter ties in perfectly to get readers to really make the social media connection. I think the design of this infographic is great!

Infographic Information: A+

The information gives readers a better understanding of how credit cards have been affected by the act that was passed and how they are countering that with the use of social media. The facts and statistics are clear to read and easy to understand. The quotes from the different credit card experts give the information some credibility and the credit score chart is a nice extra. I think that this information give more that is really needed which makes it an awesome infographic.

This card hub infographic was provided by Card Hub.

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