OK. This may be my favorite infographic in at least the last 6 months. I may have picked bolder colors, but the information is amazing and presented in such a clever way. It talks about the practical consequences for competitive eating. What’s more fun than that? A barrel of monkeys eating a barrel of pickles, maybe. But I digress.

Joey Chestnut

In 10 minutes, Joey Chestnut ate 68 hot dogs.  That was the equivalent of 20,196 calories, which is 7 days worth of calories if you’re talking about the human body.  It’s also energy equivalent to lighting a lightbulb for 60 days straight.  It would take him 26,00 pushups to work those hot dogs off.  Joey’s segment of the infographic is capped off by a quote that tells us that in order to be a successful speed eater, you have to expand your stomach to “form an enormous flaccid sac capable of accommodating huge amounts of food.”  Yeah, we all want to do that.

Oleg Zhornitskiy

This guy ate 9 jars of mayo in 8 minutes.  That’s 2,791 grams of fat, which is more than 42 times the recommended daily allowance of fat (65 grams).  Plus, even though they don’t say it, mayo has a lot of saturated fat.  Energy-wise, Dude took in enough energy to power a Prius for 45 minutes.  Fun factoid – surprisingly, people who speed eat professionally “eventually may develop morbid obesity, profound gastroparesis, intractable nausea, and vomiting…”  No kidding.  They don’t tell us how many pushups it would take to burn off all that mayo.

Sonya Thomas

Sonya likes boiled eggs.  So much that she was able to eat 65 of them in just under 7 minutes.  If you take the average human consumption of age and multiply it by 15 weeks, that’s how many eggs she consumed.  They don’t tell us how many pushups she’d have to do, nor do they tell us what kind of machinery could be powered by that type of energy.

They end the infographic with a warning that you shouldn’t just jump into competitive eating.  You should train for it.

Design:  C

It’s hard to read white print on a light pink background.  I did really enjoy the illustrations and the style of the illustrations.  But that white lettering on the pink background – really kills the eyes.

Information:  B-

It would be an “A” if they’d told me how many pushups Oleg and Sonya would have to do, and what sort of appliance or mechanical device the energy consumed by Sonya in the form of hard boiled eggs would have powered (pencil sharpener?  passenger train?) And I need that kind of information. I’m emotionally invested.

Source:  Competitive Eating by