Communication and the means to communicate has changed much over the last few years, not to mention the last few centuries. This timeline showcases the high points (and low points) of our journey to communicate.

Infographic Review

Infographic Design: C

I tried not to look down upon this timeline, because even a timeline can be an infographic, but in the end the design and layout are average and average is a C. Not bad, not great, just average. The infographic designer settled for a simply color scheme of brown, white and red (pink) and did deviate. So the palette is stable and doesn’t offend. The text is a bit hard to read even at the larger size (click the image). Reversed type needs to be larger than normal black on white to help with legibility. The infographic icons are from the same family and work well together. They aren’t extremely interesting but the graphics used convey the timeline date and communication tool very well. So the infographic design doesn’t hurt the piece but it could have “communicated” so much more.

Infographic Information: B+

With 20 events covered in this communication timeline I felt adequate coverage was given. Ever highlight in our history of communication and sharing was touch upon, starting with cave paintings in 30,000 BC to the invention of paper in 105 AD and then moving quickly ahead to Morse Code in 1835 and the the big news of the television in 1927 and then the biggest break though of all, the Internet in 1994 and then a fizzle at the end with Twitter. Lots of points to look at and consider are provided and that makes this infographic/timeline worth the time.

Communication infographic submitted by  MOO Printing