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Ah, cloth diapers. The stuff that dreams are made of. Not only do babies appreciate them more because of the comfort that cloth provides, but parents like them because of the cash they save by reusing the same diaper. So, considering that cloth diapers are superior in every conceivable way, why don’t more people use them?

Probably because they’re lazy. The above infographic shows that Americans dispose of five garbage bags full of diapers every five seconds. But wait, there’s more disturbing stats! If disposable diapers never existed, there would be 16 million more trees on the planet.  Think disposable diapers are the devil yet? No?  Ok, try this on for size.  Disposable diapers are filled with sodium polyacrylate, which was banned from tampons because it was shown to cause toxic shock syndrome.

Alright, but I know what you’re thinking.  Disposable diapers eventually decompose, so overtime, no harm, no foul right?  Well, as you noticed in the graphic above, disposable diapers take a mere 400 years (on average) to decompose. So, I suppose if you consider 400 years to be a small length of time in the grand scheme of existence, that doesn’t bother you.  But for most people, 4 centuries is a fairly long time.

There are really no good arguments to continue using disposable diapers, and the reality is that if its use is never stopped, our planet will just continue to erode.

Infographics Scorecard

Design: A-

The use of pictures in this graphic is superb.  They capture your attention from the onset and hold it all the way through.

Content: A-

Key facts are presented in a simple, yet thorough way.  The creators of this infographic were attempting to layout a case that plastic diapers should be eradicated. Did they succeed?  I think so.  Bottom line: this is a top-flight infographic that every infographic artist should try to emulate.

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