Walking through the stores during Christmas can be a dangerous time for your purse or wallet as thoughts of “What about me?” enter your thoughts when its time to buy gifts.

This Christmas spending infographic as uncovered some interesting Christmas buying statistics on this year’s expected trends on spending for holiday gifts.

Let these 5 tips on how to shop for Christmas help get you through the holiday season with your sanity and bank account in tact. Merry Christmas!

5 Saving Money Tips when shopping for Christmas

1. Think of Consequences

Before you commit to spending a fortune on dinner and drinks in December, consider your budget in January.

2. Don’t swipe on Credit

Not only will you end up spending more when you add interest rates on to the bill, but you are like to spend more than you can afford.

3. Use the Internet as your Catalog.

Check out where you can get the best deals before you head out. Be wary of high shipping fees.

4. Secret Santa

Secret Santa’s work best if you all agree on a spending limit that is affordable for everyone.

5. Stress Less

Christmas is a chance to spend time with friends and family, don’t let buying presents overwhelm you.


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