It’s a treasure map!  It’s a choose-your-own adventure!  It’s a savings plan!  It’s a great idea, but let’s see how it’s executed…

Start the Game

The infographic states that “Stock markets have walked the plank.  Find the best place to stash your loot…”  This is going to be hard to explain, methinks.  Maybe I should do the rest of the review in pirate talk?  Arrrr!  Or. not.

Play the Game

The first question you’re asked is if you want easy access to your savings.  If you pick “no” you are taken to another question that asks if you’re prepared to “lock your money away” for five years.  If you say “no” to that, you are asked if flexibility is more important than a huge interest rate.  If you say “yes,” you are taken to Citibank, where you can get 6.30% on 6-month term deposits.  If you say “no” you’re taken to Victoria Teacher’s Credit Union, where you can boost your interest rate with a 3-year term deposit and 6.75%.  Basically, most of the questions lead to one of these choices.

More Factors

If you had answered “yes” to the first question, you would be asked if you have a mortgage with 100% offset account capability.  If you do, the game ends there as they advise you to put your extra money in the offset account.  If you say “no” to the mortgage question (and honestly, these days, who wouldn’t?) you are asked if you can make regular monthly deposits of over $200.  If you say yes, the game is over again, because UBank USaver pays 6.51% when you deposit $200 or more every month.  If you aren’t able to deposit $200 or more each month (and how many people in this economy can spare that extra scratch) it asks you if you’re 18-29 years old with less than $5K in savings.  It occurs to me that this is an Austrailian infographic, so none of these things actually apply to us, but it’s still helpful to know because how different could it be in the US?  Never mind.  It can be way different.  Shoot.  I digressed) and you are between 18-29, you can put your money in a UBank USaver Reach, but if you’re not you are asked if you’re willing to move your money around every few months.  And the game goes on.  It’s a clever idea, and I’m sure the information is wildly valuable to people in Australia.  I wish they’d make one of these for each country.  Actually, looking at the company’s website, I’m pretty sure they have information for everybody.  Just check them out.

Design:  B-

The idea is good, but the execution isn’t the prettiest, and I think they could have made it a lot more attractive.

Information:  A

The information given is very good and, like I said, very valuable to those it applies to.


For the full treasure map, compare term deposits or savings accounts now.