Check out how great (or small!) a chance each type of young athlete has of earning a spot on the United States Olympic team.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design:  C

I understand that the design of this infographic is supposed to look like a track for runners which I think makes perfect sense. I like that it is broken into male and female because both men and women compete differently in certain sports. I will say that the design of the infographic does make it hard to read and follow the information. The statistics are scatters across the tack making hard to read all of them. I read left to right so I started on the left side and being to make my way across then realizing I had missed some went back then lost where I was. I would have enjoyed the design a lot better if it was clear and the information was presented in a way that was easier to read

Infographic Information: B

There is no doubt that the information is interesting because it allows the reader to see if they could possibly ever compete in the Olympics. The chances of competing in the various Olympic sports were surprising in both the men and women’s categories. I think it showed that more women can do a certain type of sport than men and the same for men. I like that the two paragraphs of information highlighted the two sports that we have a chance of competing in. The conclusion was also nice to help show which sport we have the least chance of competing. For the most part the information was relevant and could be interesting to most readers.

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