Top Causes of Car Accidents in Australia

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In this infographic, you will learn about the top causes of car accidents in Australia. There are over 600,000 road crashes reported every year in Australia – that’s more than one crash every minute!

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Used car auctions in UK and what you need to know!

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Do you know the fact that you can buy a used car which aged between 0 to

2.5 years at value of 60% lower than the original price of the car? This inforgraphic illustrates the benefits of buying or choosing to buy a used car auctions in UK with the data which suggests that a used car buyer benefits more in terms of costs, taxes, car value depreciation, mileage and many other factors. As we know “Information is Wealth”, it is very important to know these key facts before buying a car especially in UK. The data charts shown are the numbers collected by TradeMachines between june 2013 and June 2014. There are couple of factors which you need to keep in mind while also choosing a used car which are illustrated quite clear here.

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Top 5 Defensive Driving Techniques to Avoid a Car Accident

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In this infographic, you will learn some tips to help you drive more defensively on the road. Although defensive driving cannot always prevent a crash, it can certainly decrease the likelihood of one. If you need help following an accident, contact Sinnamon Lawyers on 1800 007 277 or visit to arrange an obligation free appointment.

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The History of Mazda and Technology

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Budds’ Mazda is the single part of the Mazda brand story. Mazda has been an integral player in the auto industry globally in the last decades; however, its history reaches back much further. It all started in 1920 with Mazda being founded as the Toyo Cork Kogyo Co., Ltd., which was started in Japan. As of 2013, the company had become an international success, with 2013 sales in Canada alone at a total of 71,859.

This infographic traces the origin of Mazda’s history and the technological advancements that it has brought to its vehicles and to the industry as a whole through the years. These technologies include the Skyactiv technology, a blanket term for Mazda’s new-generation developments, and its renowned, award-winning safety features that enhance driver safety through hazard perception and hazard avoidance tools.

So, take the journey through Mazda’s many accomplishments. It’ll be a breeze — or, should we say, a zoom zoom.


The Breakdown of Irish Drivers

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They are so many types of drivers on the road. Some are cautious while others like the thrill of traveling at high speeds. Whatever type of driver you may be I am sure you can relate to some of these driving facts about drivers across Ireland.

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