The Triple Crown

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One of the most revered titles for any thoroughbred horse to have is the Triple Crown, which only 12 horses have won since it’s inception.  To acquire the title, the Preakness Stakes, Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes must be won,. This had not been done since 1978, making this an elusive title until American Pharoah won it this year. This a great achievement, and in the spirit of celebration here is an infographic from the online wagering site, including some interesting facts about the title, its history and previous winners.

triple crown_1

Tips for Wagering on March Madness

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A comprehensive list of tips for successful wagering on March Madness basketball games.


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Is Technology In Sport Cheating?

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This infographic from Swim Shop shows how sports have had to adapt to new technologies to monitor and enforce the rules. With new technologies in swimming, running, and cycling some athletes say their is an unfair advantage. Check out the infographic below to decide on your own if technology in sport is cheating.
Technology in Sport

The Breakdown of a Semi-Automatic Paintball Gun

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Do you know how a paintball gun works? With Mayhem Paintball’s animated infographic, you can follow the paintball from feeder to trigger. Learn about a paintball’s top speed and distance, to truly appreciate why many people go home with one or two bruises! Mayhem Paintball runs a paintball facility in Essex and has a large variety of themed maps to take on your friends and family. Now you know the theory behind the paintball gun, why not try it for yourself?”


The Career of Luis Nazario De Lima Ronaldo

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This infographic is a interesting timeline of one of Brazil’s greatest footballers. He is retired now but Ronaldo has had a nice career in football that is detailed below. If you are a fan of Ronaldo or of Football in general you will enjoy this infographic.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B

I like the timline design for this infographics because it gives a clear look at Ronaldo’s career through the years. As someone who is not familiar with the Football player I was able to learn about him quickly and easily even though I don’t know the language of the infographic.

Infographic Information: B

The information is organized well and the use of graphics makes the information translatable to all languages.

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