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Using Body Language to be More Attractive Infographic

Using Body Language to be More Attractive Infographic


Some people will find this infographic extremely handy.  I know that when I was single, I could have used some play-by-play illustrated instructions on how to deal with the opposite sex.  It was a minefield out there, Folks, and I’m sure it still is.  So, this guide on how to be more attractive using body language should clear everything up for you guys.  Or not.  But I digress…

Why Body Language is Important

This tells us that only 7% of what we say account for the overall impact of our communication, while 55%  of it is all body language.  As for the other 38%, I’m betting it’s all  non-verbal too – just in the form of environment, etc.  Not too sure, but that’s what I’m guessing.

The Eyes

This little section talks about eye contact, and eye expression.  If you hold eye contact for 4.5 seconds, there is supposedly no connection, while 8.2 seconds indicates that there is romantic connection.  Eyes that crinkle at the edges when somebody smiles makes people think that the smile is more genuine.  Also, if you raise your eyebrows at someone in the US, you could be flirting, but in Japan you’re insulting them.  When using your eyes to gaze at someone, don’t tilt your head.  You’re more attractive if you look at them head-on.  Also, if you’re trolling for a sugar daddy (wha?), he’s not likely to stare at you for the required 8.2 seconds.  He’s too rich to do that.  In all cases, look someone in the eye a lot, because that strengthens the connection.

The Mouth

If you only smile for .25 seconds, your smile is perceived as fake (a smirk, even).  If you smile for more than 1 second, your smile is still perceived as fake.  A .5 second smile is perceived as trustworthy and real, and therefore more attractive.  That being said, they probably don’t mean for you to mentally count the timing of your smile.  That would probably come off as fake, too.

Body Posture

If you keep your palms up, you give off an air of openness and vulnerability, which can be good, but really bad if your potential suitor is super aggressive.  As for your trunk and your body position, if you lean forward, you prompt people to talk to you more than when you lean to the side.  If you cross your legs toward the person you’re talking to, it shows you’re interested, especially if you manage to touch them.  If you engage in any type of closed posture, which includes crossing your arms or any position that shields your throat, stomach, or bit, you show that you’re uncomfortable, and that you may fear an attack of some sort (joke, kind of).  Open posture shows that you’re comfortable, which makes the other person comfortable.

Body Space and Volume

This is a handy guide that tells you how close to get and how loud to talk in a number of situations.  For instance, at a social gathering or business function, stand about 5 feet away and use a soft voice indoors, loud voice outdoors.

And Now, for the Gents

This section is dedicated to the men.  It says that you should wear your ring, because women like men who are already attached.  That may be true, but ew.  If you’re married, you shouldn’t be attempting to be more attractive to the opposite sex, and if you’re single, you shouldn’t chase after married people.  But that’s just our opinion.  For guys to appear more confident and dominant, he should sit non-symmetrically, as in propping a leg up or putting a hand in a pocket, and he should take up as much space as possible without looking unnatural.  Also, he should sit down first.

Additionally, men should pay close attention to their body language, because women are ten time better at picking up on nonverbal clues than men.  So they are watching, guys .  Also, the infographic suggests you should go for a “happy go lukcy” vibe (they actually mention Uncle Jesse from Full House – The Stamos) because you want that bad boy with a heart of gold kind of thing working for you.

For the Ladies

This section is much smaller, presumably because women need much less instruction when it comes to body language.  If you want to know if a guy is attracted to you, shift position.  If he shifts with you, he’s attracted to you.  It’s that easy.

Design:  B-

There is a lot going on, and there are a lot of different photos, graphics, and typefaces going on.  Overall it’s easy to read, and the colors are OK, except for those random cement-gray boxes.

Information:  B+

I imagine this is all fairly accurate, and that, taken with a grain of salt, can help you interact with the opposite sex more successfully.


STD Statistics Infographic

STD Statistics Infographic

STD statistics

Thankfully this is one subject I personally know very little about; at least from my own experience. Being married for 22 years, for all its downfalls, will give you a better sense of security knowing you probably don’t have any sexually transmitted diseases. Although part of the reason for that is that you are only having sex with one person (your spouse, I would hope), but if you are married then you probably aren’t having that much sex in any case, but I digress…

If you are sexually active or thinking about becoming sexually active then this infographic about STDs should give you a scare. In fact, it should give you pause to consider celibacy, but knowing our current culture of sex and using sex to sell everything, I have little hope for that. So read the STD statistics and consider the dangers you are about to get in bed with, both figuratively and literally.

The sexually transmitted diseases statistics and data that are provided are interesting and diverse. For instance, I know to stay the hell out of Mississippi if I’m interested in sowing my seed or getting a loose reputation. Chlamydia rates are the highest in that state and overall higher in the South than the rest of the United States. Want to make your sexual claim with less risk? Head to New Hampshire where Chlamydia is less likely to stake a claim in your southern regions.

Want to travel abroad (no pun intended), be even more careful, HIV cases in Eastern Europe are growing at a faster rate (3X) than in the rest of Europe. Must be the water.

Feeling safe because you can have your Gonorrhea treated? Not so fast my promiscuous friend. Gonorrhea is building a drug resistance according to the infographic’s data.

Other depressing facts are pointed out such as the rate for contracting HIV is 8 times higher for women than men in Africa and even more disturbing is the fact that 5.6 million South Africans are living with HIV in 2009.

While all of the STD statistics are sobering, the most eye-popping is the fact that over 1 million people are infected with an STD every day. Holy Chastity Belts! That’s a lot of diseases being transmitted sexually.

Luckily we have this well-designed infographic to help us digest this horrible information. A orange and turquoise color palette work well together and the images, while not extremely unique, accent the infographic design nicely. The typefaces are mixed well, using a sans serif and slab serif for easy readability. If anything is wrong it might be the playful nature of the design. Such a sensitive and serious topic as sexually transmitted diseases may deserve a less “colorful” design. A small complaint though for a design job that is above most infographics I review.

Design: B

Thoughtful process to the design and careful choices with color and imagery make this a winner.

Information: A

Nice collection of statistics about a subject we would probably like to hear about less: STDs.

STD infographic provided by STD Testing.