Sexy Lingerie Infographic

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Lingerie can be a delicious treat (both for the woman who wears it and the man who beholds it!) There is no doubt that lingerie has definite sex appeal. In fact, many fashionable women have become so enamored with these ultra sexy, feminine looks that many don’t want to bury them underneath more serious clothing. They look for every opportunity to show them off on the outside. There’s no question that the look and appeal of lingerie has something to offer every woman, no matter her age, shape or size. But does the lingerie you wear say anything special about you? Is lingerie just great eye candy? Or, does it say something more about your personality? Hmmmm. Good question. So we dug up some tantalizing stats. Here’s an infographic that takes a look at lingerie and what your lingerie might be saying about you.

Infographic Scorecard

Infographic Design: C-

Not much in terms of graphics. A predictable choice in pink with some lace at the top. In fact, the lace looks like my grandmother’s lace doilies on her tables. Hardly sexy. The pinstripe background is not a bad choice, but usually pin striping is for something less feminine, but I could go either way on that graphic element. The fonts are small and hard to read. The typeface appears to be times-roman or something very close and the hand-writing font isn’t a great choice. Alas, it appears this infographic was chosen to build links rather than be entertaining. Really missed an opportunity to create something visually appealing.

Infographic Information: A-

I would overlook the sparse data if this infographic would have pushed the envelope even slightly. Not one lingerie mode? Really? Oh well, the data information doesn’t show much better. Three very obvious reasons for buying lingerie are included and them some stats on the ages of women who buy lingerie. While I was disturbed that 3% of women over 60 buy lingerie, I may feel different when I’m a septuagenarian. ;-)

Surviving First Dates

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Design: B-

I liked the style of graphics used, but there were way too many colors going on to suit me.  I also wasn’t a  big fan of the blurred cartoon graphics in the background.  What is the point?  I understand them not wanting to use pink for the data on the women, and the placement of the data next to a woman’s head cleared up any confusion, but I still didn’t think it was great-looking.  Overall I think it had the potential to be a really visually striking infographic but it missed the mark.

Information: A

Who knew all that stuff about first dates?  Not only do you learn what not to do on a first date (be rude to the waiter, flirt with someone else), you also get helpful information like whether or not your date might hook up with you on the first date based on the type of phone they have.  That’s pure gold, that is.

Source:  Dating Tips from

Signs He’s Into You

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This is a very straightforward infographic in honor of Valentine’s Day, which falls on the 14th of February every year.  Rather than making up a lot of extra information and doing a bunch of subheadings, I’m just going to list them out for you – the 14 signs he’s into you.  Check off the items on this list and you know your man’s all about you.

1. He calls just to say hi.

2. He invites you to share important events.  (why is there a skinny dipping sign next to this one?  since when is skinny dipping an important event?)

3. He’s willing to watch chick flicks.

4. He’s REALLY close with your family.  (truthfully, we don’t want him to be THAT close)

5. He’ll hang out with you on Football Sunday.

6. He likes to buy you nice clothing.

7. He regularly touches you.

8. He doesn’t get (too) drunk on a night out with you.

9. He listens to you vent.

10. He knows your friends’ names and nicknames – even the embarrassing ones! (why?)

11. He picks you up when you’re feeling down.

12. He notices when you get a trim.

13. He spends a lot of quality time on the phone with you.

14. He throws out pictures of old girlfriends.


Design:  B

It is what it is, and it looks OK.

Information:  N/A

It’s impossible to give out grades when it comes to love advice.  Odds are, if a guy does all this stuff, he’s into you, but does “into you” mean true love?  Who knows?

Source: Signs he’s into you by My Safety Sign

Dating Facts to Understand the Dating Scene

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State of Dating

This infographic goes over the ins and outs of dating, from the “boy meets girl” stage into the date itself.  The dating world is a mystery to almost anyone, even people who are seasoned daters.  Anything that can demystify the process and lead to some more happily-ever-afters is good in my book.  Let’s take a look at the infographic itself.

How Guys and Girls Meet

It would seem that the internet has a big role in the dating scene.  In 2009 more than twice as many meetings happened because of online dating rather than in clubs or via social networking.  Today, 20% of single people have dated or are dating someone they met on an online dating site.

Is There Chemistry?

30% of single people think that it only takes 15 minutes to establish whether there is chemistry or not.  12% of daters will leave a date within 30 minutes if they sense no chemistry.  Only 52% will be upfront and admit it if they are not interested in the other person.  That means 48% will not be honest.  That’s sad.  24% will be “evasive” about future availability if they feel like the first date doesn’t “work.”

Who Pays?

12% of females think it’s the guy’s responsibility to pay on the first date.  37% of guys agree.

What Do Guys Want to Hear?

According to this infographic, guys like humor that is sarcastic, then juvenile, then geeky, then raw.  According to the picture, guys like to be touched on the head(?), told their geekiness is cute, and they like to be comlpimented on their physique.  This is not explicitly explained – but there’s a picture.  I interpreted it.

What Are The Chances of a Long Term Relationship?

35% of one night stands turn into long term relationships.  54% of guys and 44% of girls have experienced love at first site.  42% of couples consist of at least one person who didn’t find the other person attractive, but became friends and then fell in love.

Who Has Sex on the First Date?

6.5% of single people freely admit that they’ve had sex on the first date plenty of times.  Frequently.  80% of singles say they disapprove of sex on the first date.  Somehow, Facebook information is under this heading, and we’re told that 89% of people friend each other on Facebook before the relationship becomes exclusive, whle 11% of singles between the ages of 35-44 wait to friend each other until the relationship becomes exclusive.

What Does “I Love You” Mean?

For 31% it means “I want you in my life.”  For 30% it means “I care about you.”  For 19% it means “I want to be in a committed relationship with you.”  For 14% it means “I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

What Topics Should I Avoid on a Date?

Past relationships, activities outside the relationship, controversial topics, topics related to relationship norms or standards, and the classic “where is this relationship headed?” topic are all off-limits.


Design:  C

The graphics are fuzzy, and I don’t approve of yellow print on a white background.  It’s too hard to read.  I think snappier graphics would have gotten the point across just as well as the weird little pie charts, the colors could have been better, and everything could have been clearer.

Information:  B

While the information is helpful, it’s a big vague, and I would have liked to know the test group the numbers came out of.  No sources are listed, so I don’t know where they got their information.

Source:  Check out the profile calendar and media kit to learn more.

Myths and Facts About Sex in America Infographic

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I’m wary about infographics about sex.  For one, people really do read them, so if the information isn’t accurate, people get misled.  For another, often times the information isn’t accurate.  I’m not saying this is the case with THIS infographic.  I’m just saying it happens.  And digressing…

Myths vs. Facts

I’m just going to go over the facts in this section – they are very easy to read on the infographic itself, but I’m going to word it in a different way.  So, here’s the rundown:

-people pretty much everywhere in American have the same amount of sex, which counters the theory that people in big cities do it more.
-not as many American teenagers are having sex as you would think.
-there may be more gay women in America than gay men.
-European kids don’t necessarily have more sex than American kids, they are just safer about it.
-women are more proactive about contraception than the myth leads us to believe.
-men are pretty serious about birth control.
-men care more about their partner’s pleasure than the stereotype indicates
-American internet use is 50% devoted to sex in one way or another.  So much for saying Americans aren’t sexually adventurous.
-Americans are pickier about their sexual partners than the rest of the world thinks they are.
-Only 75% of American men are interested in having a threesome, instead of the 100% that is assumed.
-The average sexual encounter lasts 5-10 minutes.  Hardly any guy can go all night long.
-American men cheat on their wives mainly because they don’t feel like their wives care, not because they think they have the right to cheat (um?)
-America is more uptight about infidelity than other countries.  (um?)
-Americans have almost as much sex as French people, who have the most amount of sex.

Wrap Up

Assuming all this is true, you have now learned something.  If something strikes you as way out of left field, use the resources at the bottom to look it up.  I think some of the information is subjective, based on subjective data and polls, which aren’t scientific enough for me.

Design:  C-

Let’s face it.  This is not a pretty infographic.  It’s got a woodgrain background, the pictures are in weird little ship portholes – it is random.

Information:  C-

I would have liked to have seen, on the “Fact” part, an “according to the …” to make the data more credible.  And, considering they used Cosmo and Men’s Health as sources, I don’t know how much you can rely on the “facts” as “facts.”

Source:  Adult Dating Sites