The second hand Market in 2015

The second hand market in 2015 is sure to be even more popular. This infographic from helps break down what are the most popular items to purchase second hand. Why should you pay full retail price on items that are just as nice second hand.

Celebrating 10 Million Toshiba Laptops

Toshiha has hit a milestones in their laptop sales by hitting the 10 million mark. To celebrate and share some of their history with laptops they have put together this infographic for consumers to read. Infographic Review Infographic Design: B The design is clean and bright which attracts readers attention.See the Infographic Celebrating 10 Million Toshiba Laptops

Info Quest: A Journey to Find Information

With the internet being clouded with infographics of all kinds it can be hard to stand out. Well, this infographic certainly standouts out among other boring infographics. This infographic is about information management and follows an employee on a quest to find out critical information about his workplace. Click onSee the Infographic Info Quest: A Journey to Find Information