2016 Kitchen Trends For Your Remodel

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If you are getting ready to remodel your old and outdated kitchen, then you should check out the latest kitchen trends of 2016. This infographic by The Home Depot shows why 2016 may be the best time to remodel your Kitchen. Exploring the top reasons to remodel as well as showing the top styles, this infographic should be a go-to for homeowners. The real photos of actual kitchens provides a clear insight into each style.
Kitchen trends infographic

Where Energy Is Lost In Your Home

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When your energy bill is higher and your trying to figure out where to save, it is important to know where your home is losing energy. This infographic from Snug Network shows the different areas of the home that can account for energy loss. It not only points out the problem areas but also offers a solution to help fix them.


The Truth About Pet Dander

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You may think your home is clean, but if you have indoor animals there may pet dander floating around. This infographic from RabbitAir.com, shares some pretty interesting facts about pet dander and what you can do to cut down on the allergens in your home.


D.I.Y. How To Unclog Drains

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Our DIY infographic offers a solution to a very common household problem of clogged drains. In this infographic we give our tips on how you can effectively and cost efficiently unclog your drains. While many people would rush to call a plumber for this issue, there are simple solutions and procedures that you as a homeowner can take to try and remedy the issue yourself. Common entities clogging your drains include pesky items like grease, food, tissue, hair, and soap scum. Any home can fall victim to one of these common clogs and having any of these issues can pose a real hassle for everyone on the property.

These simple tips could save you more than 300% the cost of calling a professional to fix the issue. In this infographic we share 7 methods we have found that can effectively help alleviate this problem, as well as the cost to implement each one. Clogged drains cause long-term problems for your water, and could become the cause of much discomfort to your home. We want to help our viewers long-term, so we also added a few prevention tips at the end of this infographic to help with long-term drain health. Simple lifestyle changes could be the difference in protecting your home from this household nuisance.


Bathing Mobility Hotspots

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As technology constantly improves then bathrooms must too! Bathrooms have come a long way in the past century. However, they are still evolving and the future looks bright.

Nowadays, people living with mobility issues may struggle to bathe themselves and with
11 million people currently living in this country with a limiting illness or issue affecting their mobility,
it’s an issue we strive to ensure no one gets overlooked.

If Premier Care in Bathing can help just one of the eleven million people suffering from a debilitating
disease or disability, then we have succeeded.

Premier Bathroom