Is the UK Sleeping Good?

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Getting a good night’s sleep should be easy, right? After all it’s just sleeping. But with our fast-paced lives, and growing gadget addictions, it seems there’s always something to distract us.

We decided it was time to take action. In February 2014, we surveyed 1,300 of you to find out what it is that keeps you awake at night. The results are shocking! Only 10% of us believe we get a good night’s sleep.

The impacts of poor sleep are vast and large. It’s for this reason that we conduct our annual sleep survey.



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The Cost of Shaving

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The costs associated with shaving can add up over time. From creams and blades to moisturizers and band-aids; the materials needed alone are enough to make you seriously consider other options. There are other great solutions for keeping your body hair under control. Laser hair removal is a smart and affordable way that you can get that unruly body hair under control for good.


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The Most Popular Medical Travel Destinations

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There are so many places around the world that are known for being leaders in certain medical procedures. Many people will travel around the world for different types of surgeries and procedures that will either make them healthier or better looking. This infographic from shows the most popular medical travel destinations around the world. Everything from cosmetic surgery to fertility and dentistry surgery are featured in certain places around the world.


Infographic Review

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The nice thing about the design of this infographic is that the different cities are shown on a map. Each city has a short description describing the type of medical procedure that the area is known for. The colors are muted but work well with the professional topic.

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I was surprised by the information only because of my ignorance of the topic. I know of people who travel to other countries for medical procedures but did not know that there are certain areas that specialize in certain procedures. The information also discusses the difference in costs which is another major factor that attracts people to these places. Those who cannot afford it in the their own country will often travel to others.

Who doesn’t wonder about all those Health Product claims?

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We all wonder when we see the claim that someone lost multiple pounds in a very short period of time. But most of us want to believe, especially if we have a weight problem. These companies are counting on that, and cashing in on the desperation many of us feel who are overweight. Being well informed is your best bet when dealing with these products, and Health Product Failures will inform you about some of the worst offenders!

These companies have a great incentive to convince you that their product works, since it is a more than 20 billion dollar industry, annually! A majority of Americans’ are on diets at any given time, and most want the easier faster way. Learn about the products discussed in Health Product Failures, so you don’t fall victim too! I was surprised at some of the products they discuss, and you will be too. When we see all natural, we automatically assume the product works.

The truth is revealed in Health Product Failures, that around 50% of the claims these companies make are false. In short this is a terrific graphic that explains the products to look out for, and the information will open your eyes! Anyone considering a weight loss product should really take a look at Health Product Failures.

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Giving Someone with Alzheimer’s a Hug

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When someone you love has Alzheimer’s even a simple hug can be scary. Lift Caregiving provides some help in this regard with their graphic below. source


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