How To Tailgate in style

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Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B

The design for this infographc is interesting because it is a football field and the field in broken into three columns. These columns are food, drink, and seating which then list different facts about tailgating. One thing that I do not really like is that all of the facts seemed to be jumbled together and it is hard to distinguish them from each other. I think using more defines sections or better titles would have prevented this. The section of the top college tailgating destinations is nice and I like that they are listed on a large sign with their logos.

Infographic Information: B+

The information is interesting and helpful especially when it talks about how to pack all of your tailgate gear. It does make sense to use  cargo carriers to pack all of the things you will need for a tailgate party. The statistics and facts were fun to read so overall this was a pretty nice infographic.

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The Decline of Pubs in The UK

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The UK is known for their pubs, a place for friends to come together and enjoy a drink or two with great food. This infographic shows that many of the pubs the UK is known for are closing or are being sold. One website I saw had many pubs for sale. Check out this infographic to see what you can do to save your favorite pub. pub-in-uk

Infographic Review

Infographic Design: C

The design for this infographic is a little on the boring side. There are no colors other than brown which is not a color that readers are attracted to. The title is very small and on the side which took me a couple of seconds to find. When a reader first looks at this infographic they should be immediately see the title so they know what it is about. The graphs are good and help to display the information visually. I just think overall the design for this infographic should have had more color and a better header and title.

Infographic Information: B

The information is interesting to see how fast pubs are closing and what is causing them to close. There are so many bars for sale in the UK now that it does seem that pubs are going to be obsolete in a few years. I think it was good to include information on how you can support your favorite pub to make sure it stays open. I really do think the information could be helpful for someone who really wants to help save a pub.

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Always thought tap water was clean? Think again…

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Did you know that tap water can contain pesticides, herbicides, bacterias, micro-organisms, organic materials and radio-nuclicides which can cause water-related illness? Learn how you can reduce the risk of gastro-intestinal disease by up to 33% with effective water filters.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design:  C+

The design for this infographic is clean and bright. The title engages the readers and invites them further into the infographic. I like the use of water and pipes to help display the information as well as the images of the bottles. I do think that some of the images are a little basic looking but they do add something to the infographic. This is not the most exciting design for an infographic but it displays that information in a clear manner.

Infographic Information: B

The information is great because it has a lot of facts related to water and the different illnesses. As I was reading I found a lot of information that I had never known before. This is the sign of good information because it is giving the reader more knowledge than they already had. I like that the last bit of information is how to filter your water properly so that you can avoid this water related illnesses.

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The History of Tea

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Tea is a drink that many people enjoy but might never have thought of where it came from or how much we consumer around the world. Take a look at this infographic for some interesting facts about one of the best drinks, tea.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B

The timeline theme works great with this infographic since history of tea is the main idea. I think that the title should have been at the very top and then the timeline could have started underneath of that. I like the giant tea cup for the header image. The dark colors work well with the colorful coffee mugs. The information does not have any real sections but because the timeline is there to follow the reader can have some sort of direction. I would say that this is a pretty good infographic but there are a few things that could have been done to make it look better.

Infographic Information: A

I found all of the information to be relevant to tea and how it is consumed. I think that the information was unique because a lot of it I had never heard before. The health benefits section was nice to see since so many people are trying to focus on their health. The production map showed clearly which countries produced the most coffee. I think overall the information was good and gave a nice background for those who drink tea.

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Tea Facts Infographic

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Facts about tea presented in a truly attractive infographic.

Tea Production

China produces 1275384 tons of tea per year.  India produces 805180 tons annually.  Kenya?  345800 tons.  Sri Lanka produces 318470 tons per year, and Turkey and Vietnam produce 198046 and 174900, respectively.

Tibetan Tea

In Tibet, they mix salt and butter into their tea.

UK Tea

165 million cups of tea are consumed each day in the UK.  On a given day, 40% of the UK’s fluid intake will be tea.

Ideal Brewing Temperatures

Did you know different types of tea have different idea brewing temperatures?  White tea brews best between 65 and 70 degrees Celsius.  Grean Tea?  Between 75 and 80 degrees Celsius.  Oolong brews best between 80 and 85 degress Celsius, and Black tea needs a good 99 degrees Celsius to brew the best.


Lahpet, which is pickled tea, is eaten in Myanmar.

Tea Consumption

Turkey is #1 at 2.1 kg per year.  Ireland is next at 2.0 kg.  The UK ties Irelend with 2.0 kg.  Iran weighs in at 1.4 kg per year, and Morocco consumes a respectable 1.2 kg per year.

Caffeine Content

Black tea has the most at 64 to 112 mg.  Oolong contains 29 to 53 mg.  Green tea contains 24 to 39 mg, and white tea contains 32 to 37 mg.


Design:  A+

I think it is beautiful.

Information:  A

Good information about tea and tea consumption.

Source:  Tea Facts Infographic by from MV Mediagroup.