Help Your Business Grow

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This infographic from explains why accepting credit cards helps open your business up to more customer. You don’t want to have a business that excludes a majority of the market because you don’t accept credit cards. Cash is great but in today’s world less people are carrying cash.


The Growth of eCommerce

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It is no secret that people spend a lot of time online. Almost every aspect of our lives involves the internet somehow. Whether its online banking, paying bills, getting directions, looking up menus, or even shopping, everything can take place on the internet. That is why it should be no surprise that eCommerce has grown over the years and is projected to grow even more in the future. Everyone shops online. It is a quick and easy way to find what you like and have it shipped right to your home.

The infographic below from, shows the data behind the growth of eCommerce and where they project it is going in the future. If you are thinking about joining the online marketplace or interested in the economics of eCommerce, then this infographic is for you!


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: A

Creative and fun design that showcases the information in an organized way. The bright blue colors standout and grab readers’ attention.

Infographic Information: B

The information is good and I appreciate the text to accompany each graph to better explain the information.

Beginners Guide to Memorable Marketing

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Consumers are fickle creatures – something as simple as colour can affect brand awareness by as much as 80%. This means that ensuring you’re doing everything right to stand out, grab your target audience and keep your brand at the forefront of their mind is absolutely vital. With the speed and frequency at which we all consume advertising, getting it right first time is what success hinges on – check out this infographic from Promotional Plus for all the information you need to succeed.


Types of Insurance a Dance Instructor May Need

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Having insurance is important for everyone is covers accidents that you might not even think about. If you are a dance instructor you may want to make sure you are covered with insurance. Sometimes it is hard to think of the “what-ifs”, but things can happen and you want to make sure you are covered. This infographic from Markel Direct explains the many different types of insurance plans a dance instructor may need. If you are a dance instructor or are thinking of becoming one then you will want to read this infographic.


Top 10 U.S. Meeting Destinations

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Planning a company meeting? This infographic by corporate entertainer Tim Decker breaks down the top 10 United States meeting destinations by numerous key statistics including amount of meeting space, amount of hotels/rooms, average temperatures, and more helpful information for anyone planning a corporate event.