Why is Branding Important?

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If you run a business then you have heard the term branding, but why is it so important? Your brand is how you are seen by the individuals and businesses in your industry and around the world. This infographic from FireLabel explains just how important branding is and what you need to know about branding your company.


Does Your Business Need a Back-Up Plan?

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It is important for your business to always be up and running, ready to serve your clients and customers. If there was ever a situation where your business lost power, would you be prepared? This infographic from ADE Ltd. suggests why it is so important to have a back up plan for your business.

Steps To Embrace eLearning Business

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Disruptive innovation describes a new product (e.g., technology) or service that is a newcomer in a market, often starting at the bottom and then relentlessly moving upmarket, eventually replacing established competitors. This is occurring in the hotel industry (think AirBnB), the music industry (think Pandora and Spotify), the publishing industry (think Amazon and self-publishing), and the transportation industry (think Uber and Lyft).It is also occurring in the adult learning arena as training and education inexorably shift from the on-site meeting room to the online portal, or somewhere in-between. Organizations have two options: Get serious about eLearning to grow membership, revenue and reputation; or be extremely cautious and tentative, like the music, publishing and taxi industries, and find yourself left behind as your customers move on. At Scitent, we’ve developed a road map to eLearning success to prevent you from being left behind.

Embrace eLearning Infographic-Final

Retro Logo Design Ideas

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Creating a retro logo can be a daunting task, but when you have the right ingredients the process can go more smoothly. To add a little retro flair to your logo, or to create a new retro inspired logo, think about the fonts, colors, shapes, and embellishments you use. The right combination will be sure to have that authentic retro vibe.


Infographic provided by 99designs.com

The Benefits of Document Scanning

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For many businesses the volume or paperwork generated everyday may be causing problems within the office. Paper based filing cabinets take up a huge amount of office floor space, they are also very hard to maintain and index. Finding documents in a sea of paperwork may be difficult, sharing documents with colleagues is also difficult. Paper based archives are also susceptible to fire, flood and theft.

By digitizing their documents businesses can save floor space, increase document and data security and easily share and distribute their information.

This infographic outlines the benefits of digital document scanning for businesses.