The World’s Most Valubable Body Parts

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The Special Risks Bureau has compiled a list of the most expensive body parts celebrities have insured, and used them to create the most valuable celebrity couple in the world. Body parts include Gene Simmons’ tongue, Rod Stewart’s voice, Cristiano Ronaldo’s legs, Julia Roberts smile, Jennifer Lopez’s bum, and Mariah Carey’s legs. It is an unholy combination!


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B+

Simple design that showcase the many different celebrity body parts that are insured. It is creative to take all of the different parts and put them on one body.

Infographic Information: A

The information is easy to understand and something that most people may not even realize. Who knew you could insure your feet or your legs? I guess it only works if you can prove they are important to your career.


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The History of Smoking

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Ten Motives has created an infographic depicting the history of smoking. The journey starts with the origins of tobacco smoking, follows the tensions between the first tobacco companies in the UK and USA, depicts the role of tobacco during the World War I and II, the inevitable decline of smoking, and leads to the recent rise of the e-cigarette.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: A

The timeline design works well to showcase the history of smoking. It makes the information easy to read and creates an organized flow.

Infographic Information: A

The information is very detailed and provides a good insight into the long history of smoking from the rise to the decline.

The Complete History of the Electronic Cigarette

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 Joyetech UK have released a helpful Infographic designed to help people best understand electronic cigarettes, their benefits and what they contain. The infographic ‘Electronic Cigarette 101’ is designed to help people understand 5 basic sections of electronic cigarette in the guise of 5 school lessons – history, maths, science, business and ecology.

Joyetech hopes that this researched information will help individuals who are considering making the switch from traditional cigarettes to electronic alternatives. It can be confusing for newcomers to the industry to truly understand electronic cigarettes with so many contrasting and agenda-driven reports being published.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B

The design is technical and contemporary with colorful and creative images.

Infographic Information: A

The information is a good breakdown of the history, science, and business of electronic cigarettes.

The History of E-File

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In the 1980s, the IRS worked to improve the inefficient and time-consuming tax filing paper process with an online filing option to eliminate paper storage and cut down on processing time. Enter the beginning of e-filing tax returns, which started in 1986 as a small pilot program. At the start, only five tax preparers in three metropolitan areas – Cincinnati, Raleigh-Durham and Phoenix – agreed to test out the online tax filing system. Once popular tax preparation firms H&R Block and Jackson-Hewitt jumped on board, more individual tax preparers were willing to give e-filing a try. In 2011, the IRS hit the 1 billion milestone for individual tax returns received and processed. Today, 91% of all tax returns filed are prepared using online e-filing services and the electronic filing option evolved into a promising option for both tax preparers and payers.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B

Easy to read design with information organized and displayed nicely. The colors work well together thought I would have appreciated a few more images.

Infographic Information: B

The information shows how E-files have developed and changed over the years. It is interesting to see just how e-files started and where they are today.

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13 Worst States To Be a Burglar

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Burglary is never a good thing and no state wants to have a record for burglaries but some states have more than others and it could be due to their laws on burglary. This infographic looks at 13 states that have strict laws on burglars and how they compare to the number of burglaries in that state.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: A

I liked the design for this infographic mainly because it used a overall theme that worked with the information. When an infographic uses images and graphs that remind the reader of the overall topic that is a win.

Infographic Information: A

The information does a great job of showing the comparisons of strict laws on burglaries and actual burglaries in each of the states. It also helpfully narrates the information while still leaving it up for the reader to decipher.

Infographic provided by SimpliSafe