Do You Grind Your Teeth?

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Are you a teeth grinder? Often we don’t even realize that we are grinding our teeth until someone else tells us. Teeth Grinding has several causes but there are also treatments. This infographic provides a creative look at the causes and treatments of teeth grinding. There may be more going on emotionally that causes you to grind those pearly whites.

Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B+

The design is fun and I enjoyed that illustrations. The information is displayed in a organized way that makes it easy to read.

Infographic Information: B+

There is a lot of interesting and useful information. I like that the infographic begins by explaining all of the types of causes of teeth grinding and then finishes with what you can do about it.


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Security For Renters

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If you are a renter you need to have security for your home. Even if you feel that a lot the responsibility lies with the land lord, your stuff is still at risk of theft. The infographic below, from, shows the stats on why it is important for renters to have good security.

Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B

The design for this infographic is modern and simple with interesting graphics. The colors work well together and the information is organized in an easy to read manner.

Infographic Information: B

The information is interesting but not the most useful. The stats provide a good reason for renters to protect their homes but helpful tips would have been really beneficial.

Louisiana Home Security Infographic

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Louisiana is home to 4.6 million people & is the state with the 5th highest rate of property crimes. Homeowners are advised to take proper security measures. ADT in La. does exactly that- 24/7.


The Cost of Shaving

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The costs associated with shaving can add up over time. From creams and blades to moisturizers and band-aids; the materials needed alone are enough to make you seriously consider other options. There are other great solutions for keeping your body hair under control. Laser hair removal is a smart and affordable way that you can get that unruly body hair under control for good.


Infographic provided by Look Young Atlanta

Which Month Causes the Highest Divorce Rate?

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January is known as the “the most deadly month for marriages” because it sees the most divorces during any given year. What is the cause for such a huge increase? The reasons why may surprise you.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: C+

The design lacks creativity but the information is organized well and is easy to read. I appreciate the use of charts but they are similar to ones seen before. It is important to have a creative infographic design to standout amongst the many others.

Infographic Information: B+

The information is good and interesting to read. The infographic shows which month has the most divorces and then helps explain why they believe that month correlates with divorce.

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