Exhibition Stand Partner

Wow.  This infographic sure does have a lot of information.  It’s almost like they took a blog post and turned it into an infographic.  Maybe that is what they did.  Heck, maybe that’s all anybody does, but the creator of this particular infographic did not want you to miss a single thing about briefing your exhibition stand partner.  First, before reviewing this infographic I thought I’d better figure out what they meant by exhibition stand partner, and it turns out they mean the people who build your trade show display.  Got it.  I used to go to trade shows.  One time I went to one and they had fire-breathers outside in the courtyard.  Maybe that wasn’t a trade show, after all.  But I digress…

What to Discuss

Honestly, if I included all the information they included, I’d just be writing down the same things they put in their infographic, and where is the fun in that?  There are nine items on this list, all things you are supposed to discuss with your exhibition stand partner prior to starting the whole process.  I am not entirely clear on why the exhibition stand contractor would need to know how you plan to measure ROI or what your strategy is in order to determine your stand, but maybe there is more to this display booth thing than I originally knew.  This list of things is filled with great information, I just don’t know how much of it you need to discuss with the guy who is building your trade show display.  AV requirements, sure, but ROI?

Anatomy of a Trade Show Display

This section of the infographic is pretty neat – it shows a trade show display, and points to all the important things you should consider when getting one built, like your key message, interactive content, secondary message, the height and other dimensions, the color you use, your promotional items, break-out meeting areas if you can have them, and branding.  The way it is set up is very cool, and in addition to giving great design tips, it also give some crucial tips about a successful exhibition like your data capture strategy, your brand, etc.  Again, not sure how those things relate to the exhibition stand partner, but helpful information nonetheless. Other trade show display companies to try: ExhibitDeal.

Design:  C

This would be an A if they hadn’t tried to cram too much information in the top part.  Even with the graphic blown up full size, it is still hard to read the first section.  The second section is great-looking, and the colors and fonts used are pleasant.

Information:  B

This would have been an A if they had titled the infographic something different, like “Things to Consider As You Design Your Exhibition Stand.”  50% of the information given is unrelated to the actual structure of the booth.  BUT the infographic has a lot of very good information.

Source:  Nimlok Exhibition Stands