This infographic provides money saving tips that focus on getting better gas mileage and providing better fuel economy. A good thing in today’s world of high gas prices.

Infographic Review

Infographic Design:B

If you can’t draw or illustrate why not try using actual images of objects? I love this idea and think it work very well. The objects, mostly toys, are used creatively to provide the graphics for this infographic. cars, duckies, balls, and dolls all take the place of clip art or custom artwork. Photography and clever positioning work well to make this infographic fun to look at. The color scheme is a good match using purples and teals. Font choices are also inline with the light-hearted graphics.

Infographic Information: B

While the driving tips aren’t gong to cause any jaw to drops or heads to spin, the advice given is solid and helpful. Advice on breaking, accelerating, obeying the speed limits and other driving tips are peppered with statistics on how these changes in driving behavior helps. Such as, driving at 80mph causes an increase in 25% of fuel consumption. Something to think about as you race down the highway, guzzling gas. Fill up on this infographics, it delivers good advice for better fuel economy.

Infographic provided by Staveley Head