Advertising is everywhere these days and with all the different ways we see ads there are some that we trust more than others. There are also some that are usually more relevant than others. This infographic shares which forms of brand messaging and advertising we as consumers tend to trust more and which ones we find relevant.

Believable Branding: What Form Of Brand Messaging Do Consumers Buy Into? [Infographic]

Infographicby MDG Advertising

Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B+

The main point of the infographic is to share what consumers believe to be the most trustworthy forms of media for advertising as well as the most relevant. The infographic does this by distinguishing them into two different colors so that readers can follow the two colors down the infographic. The infographic design has broken down the different types of ads into two groups those that are considered traditional media such as newspapers and TV. The other section is online ad formats that include banner ads, social networks, and sponsored sites. Breaking it down into these two types of groups helped to distinguish the many types of media. I think that having the little image beside each form helped the readers understand what they meant. The graphs again were easy to read because of the two separate colors and it was nice to have the actual percentage for readers to see. I think that this was a great design for the information and readers should not have a problem understanding the information.


Infographic Information: B

The information for this infographic was pretty much all in a graph which I liked because instead of telling the reader which forms of media are the most trustworthy you can see what the results said. The opening paragraph and information helped to give the reader an introduction and a better understanding of what the infographic is about. I found the information interesting to see what consumers thought of each type of media and how trust worthy they thought they were. It was no surprise that online banner ads are the least trustworthy and relevant. I think that the relevancy for those are about to change with consumers when they start noticing that Google banner ads have been changing to match their searchers. So if this poll was taken next year we might see different answers. This infographic would be good for marketers to help them determine which form of media consumers feel the best about.

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