Here is an amusing infographic that also provides valuable information. It’s possibly not safe for work though (especially if you work at a grade school), so if you’re reading this blog in an environment not conducive to borderline adult content, don’t say we didn’t warn you. These facts and figures about bedroom endurance, provided by, are unique and intriguing, to say the least.

Here’s a stat sure to amaze you: if you slept with ten people per day for sixty years, the total would be 219, 150 people, which is enough to fill Wembley stadium. So, be sure to get on that. Hey, ever wondered who had the most sexual partners in a single day? The record for a woman is 52 and the record for a man is 919. Cue the “The More You Know…” tune.

The graphic goes on to compare the various speeds of different man-made creations, including a city bus, a sneeze, cheese rolling, a dog running, and sperm. A sneeze clocks in as the fastest at 35 miles per hour, but sperm is right on its heels, clocking it at 28 miles per hour. It also has a graph that points out top dads in the world. Frankly, one could probably make an entire graphic on the issue of top dads. Here, the qualification for being a top dad is that you father an extremely high number of children. To summarize:

Indian Farmer Nanu Ram Jogi fathered his 21st child at the age of 90.

Moulay Ismail Ibn Sharif sired 1,042 kids from his 500 wives. He was able to crank out 19 a year. Whew!

The graphic does not note this, but musical great John Sebastain Bach also had several children: 20 to be exact, hence the reason that someone could devote an entire graphic to the issue of “top dads.”

Design: B

The concept of aligning facts and figures on a giant heart with Cupid looking on was interesting. The charts and graphics seemed to mesh well. I think the organization could have been a bit stronger, and ultimately, that’s why I can’t give it an A.

Content: A-

Some very amusing (not to mention unique) stats can be found here! A good job on the part of the creators to do the math to figure out how many people one would sleep with if they slept with 10 a day for a year. A graphic that is both entertaining and filled with essential information really hits the spot. :)