Furniture design has changed quite a bit over the last couple of decades. One person who has designed some interesting furniture over the years is Arne Jacobsen. This infographic shares some of his designs throughout the years.



Infographic Review

Infographic Design: C

The design has a simple and clean feel that I think works well with the theme. The background is a wood color and it again adds to the feel of furniture and design. The infographic is setup as a timeline showing a different piece of furniture for a certain year. I think that this make it easy to read and follow. I am glad that there are images of each product so readers can truly see what the design looks like.  The brief bio of Arne Jacobsen is a good way to introduce the design collection. The picture of him is nice and really helps to connect with the collection. This infographic overall is clean and easy to follow which makes for a good read.


Infographic Information: C

The opening bio that introduces who Arne Jacobsen is, really gives the reader some background on the collection. The timeline is nice and simple to read but there is not much information about each design. There is just the name and the year it came out but not anymore information. I think that this infographic had the potential to really be a great tool to share information about Arne Jacobsen’s collection but there just is not enough information. I do appreciate that there is some information on the infographic but not enough to really take remember.

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