We all have a credit score whether we know it or not. When we have to get a mortgage or a car they will usually run a credit report on you to see what your credit score is. This infographic breaks down that report and explains why it is important to know what is on it.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design:  B

The design for this infographic is colorful and bright which seems to be the opposite of what I picture when I think of a credit report. I like that while the information may be a little on the boring side the brightness of the design makes the infographic fun to read.

Infographic Information: B+

The information is a better understanding of what a credit report is for those who may not know. It also disproves some myths about credit reports and backs it up with statistics. The information would be good for those who are not familiar with a credit report and are apprehensive about getting one done.

Infographic provided by Best Credit Repair Companies

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