Hey, surprise! Humans put out a lot of air pollution and this dirty, polluted infographic will show you just how filthy and polluting the human race really is. Wow, we suck!

Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B

Every infographic doesn’t have to be huge and cause you to scroll for 2 minutes trying to view all the contents. Sometimes a shorter infographic can get its message across more effectively with a striking design and this infographic on air pollution comes very close to hit the mark. The gritty design is a natural fit for this polluted subject matter. The color choices are perfect and the textures are wonderful. So why not an A grade for this infographic? Too much clashing artwork and graphics. Photography is used, clip art from multiple sources is also used. I would have rather seen a consistent look, even if it was silhouettes of photos as was used for the car. Still a nice effort and the weaknesses are covered by the strengths in this down and dirty design. I also had some confusion about the headline font. It didn’t fit the rest of the design. Seems like a real afterthought.

Infographic Information: C

So the small size of the infographic hurt the amount of pollution facts and statistics you can fit on the image. Using the planet earth as the background was a nice effect but it really limits the information the infographic can hold as well. We only see about 10 facts on air pollution and some of them aren’t that interesting such as you can see air pollution from space. But the infographic also provides some real alarming news about air pollution such as over 500,000 people in India die due to air pollution. That is an unreal number. I would have found sources a valuable addition to this infographic.

Infographic provided by Staveley Head

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