This infographic is  about affluent people and how and where they travel.   I had no idea what an “HNWI” was, but looked further down the infographic and learned that “HNWIs” are “High Net Worth Individuals.”   Below, there is a map of the world with a key – HNWI’s are people who are worth more than a million dollars, and Ultra-HNWIs are people who are worth more than $30 million.  According to the map, these people reside in certain regions of the world, and the percentages mean the % of HNWI and Ultra-HWNIs in each country vs. the regular people.

The next section breaks down these high affluence people by country. The U.S. has the most rich people.  Unless you’re very familiar with the flags of different countries, you may not be able to sort out where the other rich people live.

Travel Trends

Here we go.  Now is the section where they talk about what the affluent people do on vacation.  From a poll of wealthy people, the top 5 trends were listed in this section, according to the creator of the infographic.  The percentage numbers represent the number of times the activity appeared in the top five choices.  Apparently, 63% of people engage in family and multi-generational travel, 41.3% go on luxury cruises (no word on how many go as families), 33.2% go on adventure trips, 22.1 go on guided tours, and 19.2% stay in beach resorts.

Use of Mobile Media

We’re then given some pie charts that talk about how many luxury travel bookings occur online (55%), how many HNWI use Facebook and other social media sites (they make social media all one word, and the number is 70%), and how many wealthy Americans download travel apps (it’s 40%).


The first map was where people lived, and now we get where they travel.  The map is broken down with bubbles that show where people go in summer and in winter, and there are no percentages.  We just see that Costa Rica, Argentina, Italy, England, Spain, Australia, and New Zealand are visited almost exclusively in summer, and Whistler, Colorado, Hawaii, Switzerland, Mauritius, Maldives, and Thailand are visited almost exclusively in winter.  The Caribbean, Mexico, France, and South Africa  are visited in summer and winter.

Luxury Travel Products

They then give us a list of the most expensive luxury travel products.  Most are given in US dollar amounts, but one is given Euros.  Did you know you could rent Necker Island (owned by Richard Branson) for $51,000 per day?

Design:  A

The infographic is visually attractive, the colors are nice, and the typeface is easy to read and pretty.  It’s an exciting concept, because we all like to think about what we’d do with tons and tons of money.

Information:  C

There are a few small typos and the information provided is not explicitly explained, but it is interesting information and  the social media section is good.  Plus, everyone likes to see how the other half lives.

VIA:  Luxury destinations at Paradizo