What would the world be like without magnets? This seems like a simple question but as this infographic shows magnets make up a major part of our world. Read this infographic to see just how much a life without magnets would affect you.

Magnetless-World-- ORIG

Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B

I think the design for this infographic is nice and clean looking. I like the giant title because the first word you see is Magnets which obviously tells the reader what the infographic is about. The charts and graphs display the information appropriately and in a fun way. I like the red and blue colors on the beige background. All of the images work well with the information and help to give the reader a better understanding.

Infographic Information: A

I found the information to be highly interesting. It is amazing to think of all the things we have and depend on that are made up of magnets. The biggest one being electricity which pretty much runs everything in our lives. I think it is quite scary to think of a world without electricity now that we have become so accustomed to having it. I think the information really showed how important magnets are in our world.

Infographic provided by Magnets.com, Inc.

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