A Laser-Carved Pumpkin Infographic

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Can you say “A” for originality? Scott Heimendinger, a member of the Microsoft Excel team, has carved an infographic on a pumpkin..with a laser. Very cool indeed. The infographic is about the history of a jack-o-lantern and would have been a solid infographic in its own right. But when you combine the creativity and innovation of actually taking a laser and carving an infographic on a pumpkin, you create something extraordinary. Something that, to be frank, is off the charts of our grading scale.

Content: A

It’s hard to read what the infographic says precisely, but from what I can read, the content is top of the line.  If wasn’t carved on a pumpkin, it would would, as I stated earlier, still be a worthy infographic of the first order.

Design: A+

We have never given a graphic an A+ on the infographic showcase, but if I do so say so, this graphic deserves it. And how!  This is the kind of innovation we’d like to see everyday.  If you have created a graphic as innovative as Mr. Heimendinger, then by all means, send it in.  Regular infographics made with software programs are suddenly terribly out of season.

Graphic courtesy Infographic World.

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