You have come to the right place if your looking to have an outdoor wedding. Since almost half of all weddings took place outside, it’s something that you should consider for your wedding. The number of people who wish to have a religious wedding is dropping every year because couples want to get married in an unique way. Summer weddings are the most popular time to get married, but not by much. Couples are choosing to get married in the spring, fall and winter too. The typical wedding has been replaced unique weddings.

The purpose of the infographic is to give you tips on how to have the perfect wedding. For decorations, the graphics offers tips in the following categories: rose petals, chair decorations, carpets in wedding colors, and lighting. In addition, the graphic gives you tips on how to prepare the food for the wedding. The couple will have to decide which appetizer, entrees, and wedding cake is right for their individual wedding. To help you decide which one is right for your wedding, you should follow the tips on the graphic.

You have thousands of places you can have your outdoor wedding but two popular locations are Central Park in New York City or the beaches of Hawaii. Some other aspects that you have to consider are: insects, chairs for the guests, whether or not a permit is needed, is it in a shady spot, do you need electrical equipment, etc. When it comes to a getaway, you have three moods of transportation. They are: by sea, by land, or by air.

If you need more information about outdoor weddings, you can look at our many sources below. We wish you luck with planning the perfect outdoor weddings. It is becoming much more common than you think!

Infographic Via: Weddington Way


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