US Open Golf Infographic - Trivia & Facts

History of the US Open Golf Tournament

The first U.S. Open Championship was held by the United States Golf Association on the nine-hold course in Newport, Rhode Island Golf and Country Club

The original prize fund in 1895 was $335. The 2011 prize fun was $7.5 million.

Most wins: 4 are tied with 4 wins. They are Willie Anderson, A Robert T. Jones, Jr., Ben Hogan and Jack Nicklaus.

The most successful present day US Open golfer is Tiger Woods with 3 US Open wins in 2000, 2002 and 2008.

The lowest winning scores in US Open Golf history are a 272 scored by 4 golfers: Jack Nicklaus, Lee Janzen, Tiger Woods and Jim Furyk. David Graham shot a 273 in 1981.

The highest winning scores: Willie Anders shot a 331 in 1901, Julius Boros shot a 293 to win the US Open in 1963 and Jack Nicklaus won the tournament in 200 by shooting a 290.

The youngest competitor, not winner, was Tadd Fujikawa at 15 years of age. The youngest champion of the US Open was John J. Mcdermott at age 19 in 1911. The oldest US Open golf champion was Hale Irwin at 45 years of age in 1990.

2011 will be the 111th year of the US Open.

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