The Best Dragon Slot Machines

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While some people are still questioning the existence of dragons, others firmly believe they used to roam the sky sometimes in the past and protect people who had the special abilities required to train them and keep them near. If you like fantasy stories and you’d like to play a dragon-themed slot, you surely searched for this kind of games on Google and saw that the results are not always the ones you expect. More than that, while you search for the word ‘dragon’ on the internet, you might find some slots that feature a different type of dragon than you wanted.

These mystical creatures fall into different categories, with different characteristics, so knowing what kind of a dragon your slot includes is very important. In the list below, you will find the best dragon-themed slot machines, along with a short description for each one of them, so you’ll play exactly the game you were looking for and you’ll know it will offer you a great overall experience. by


Unfair VS. Illegal – How Employees Cross The Line

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You wouldn’t think it – considering the consequences.   BUT…  Employers across the U.S. commonly violate their employees rights.  Doing so leads to legal complaints with the EEOC and Dept. of Labor.  This infographic takes a DATA-DRIVEN look into what these employee filed complaints cost businesses.  Plus, we run through some of the most common scenarios we encounter to illustrate when management is just being unfair (no legal options), and when your boss’s actions crossed the line and were unlawful.  It’s a complete rundown drawing from federal statistics and our experience as a nationally recognized employment law firm.


How The Typical American Office Has Changed Since 1986

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A lot has changed within the typical office since 1986, and thankfully so. In the ‘80s, cubicles became the ultimate space saver, allowing more worker bees to be crammed into a room to cut overall expenses. Unfortunately, this greatly affected the health of office workers. Working in such close proximity to others increased the risk of catching the latest contagious bug going around. The lack of proper ventilation in such cubicle-driven rooms also increased the chance of illness. By encouraging employees to stick to their cubicle, workers are increasingly experiencing back pain as well as musculoskeletal issues in the neck, legs and shoulders. Sitting in a cubicle can result in feeling a loss of control of one’s environment, which increases stress. Being continually subjected to the habits of co-workers sitting in such close proximity also adds to the tension. In addition, natural lighting has very little chance of making it in past the walls of a cubicle leaving workers to spend the majority of their day beneath synthetic lighting, which can often led to increased eye strain and headaches.

In 2016, standing desks have become the trend with their associated health benefits. When standing is an option, employees are able to stretch and move throughout the day, releasing tension in muscles and reducing the chance of lower back and neck pain. The lack of slouching in a seat assists in a more ergonomically correct station. A standing desk has been shown to correlate to a lower risk of obesity as well as a reduced risk of serious illnesses such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Standing stations have also been attached to improved energy and mood levels as well as boosting productivity.

Learn more about the transitions seen in the American office since 1986 by checking out the following infographic.



Determine your dog’s condition score (Canine weight chart)

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According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP), 54% of the nation’s dogs and cats are overweight. If your dog is overweight, it can lead to a number of health issues. Such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart and respiratory disease, kidney disease, and cancer. In most cases, obesity can be treated by reducing your dog’s calorie intake and increasing their activity level. Malnourishment is also an issue for a hundreds of thousands of dogs in the US. If your dog is underweight, it’s crucial that you increase their calorie intake. By using the infographic below, you can determine your dog’s condition score. Depending on where they stand, you may need to reduce or increase your dog’s calorie intake.


Factors That Affect Key Person Insurance Rates

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If your company relies on one or more key individuals to operate then purchasing key person life insurance might make sense. This infographic details what factors go into determining key person life insurance rates.