Seeing as this is an infographic that lists 17 pieces of information about espresso coffee, we’ll just list the facts, and move on to the review:

1. While 1.6 billion cans of “the leading cola” are consumed every day in the world,  1.7 billion cups of coffee are consumed.  Coffee wins!

2. The United States is responsible for 35% of the global coffee consumption.   That means 300 million people drink about 400 million cups of coffee each day in the U.S.

3. The first coffee advertisement in a U.S. newspaper appeared in 1790.

4. The espresso machine was invented in 1901 in Italy.  A man named Luigi Bezzera invented it based on a French design from 1822.  He wanted to create a machine that made coffee faster so his employees wouldn’t take as much time on their coffee breaks.

5. In 1732, J.S. Bach composed a cantata about coffee addiction.

6. In Leipzig, where Bach lived, coffee houses were very popular.

7. Today, Italy has over 200,000 espresso bars.

8. Breakfast time is the heaviest coffee drinking time – 65% of coffee drinks are consumed at breakfast time using in kitchen coffee makers.

9. The average espresso drive-thru dispenses between 200 and 300 cups of coffee per day.

10. $12.2 billion dollars in sales were brought in by The Specialty Coffee Association of America.  11. 75% of those sales came from cafes and coffee shops.

12. Coffee is second to oil in the world’s highest traded commodities.

13. Back in Bach’s day in the 1700’s, coffee addiction was considered a social problem.

14. Men are from Mars, etc.  Men say coffee helps them get their work done.  15. Women say coffee helps them relax.

16. In 2011, the average price of an espresso-based drink is $2.45.

17. It would take 81.63 days to break even if you bought an espresso machine for $200 and had a single cup of coffee every day.

Design:  B

Not stunning, but attractive enough

Information:  B

Good information about coffee

Infographic Source:  automatic espresso machine at Espresso Machine Advisor.