This infographic, provided by Vail roperty Brokerage (, explores the top ten reasons that you should vacation in Vail, Colorado if you are a single lady. While most of our infographics focus purely on information, this one attempts to be persuasive, but it does so by employing raw facts, making it an infographic of the highest order, without a doubt.

Ski Magazine ranked Vail as the second best ski destination in their 2010-2011 North American report. Vail gives you reason to smile, despite all the snow, points out the graphic, because Vail averages about 250 days of sunshine per year. Did you know that exercising in cold weather can burn more than 3-7%  more calories than exercising in warm weather? That’s an interesting stat that the common person probably wasn’t aware of.

Now, ladies, if you desire to date/marry someone wealthy, you’ll probably want to spend time in Vail. The wealthiest 20% of American households are more likely to snow, ski, sail, golf, or play tennis than any other sporting activity; therefore, many of the people you will run into on the slopes are probably not only employed, but wealthy. According to the graphic, the odds of you running into a bachelor with a bachelor’s degree at Vail is 21.2 percent, higher than Aspen, Steamboat Springs, Snowbird, or Stowe.

Design: A-

The design is above-average; let there be no argument. In order for me to award a solid “A” though, I have to be knocked out of my boots, and this graphic didn’t quite do that.

Content: B+

I applaud the graphic’s makers for the attention to detail they put forth during the fact-finding phase of this graphic’s creation. Finding the kind of stats they either stumbled upon or developed through their own statistical polls could not have been easy.

I sent this graphic to every staff member here at the Showcase–we have a staff of 20 :)–and each one gave the graphic a stamp of approval.

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