Mobile Gaming Gaining Popularity Infographic

Mobile Gaming Gaining Popularity Infographic

jackpot infographic

Being the proud owner of a iPhone 4 I understand the lure of mobile gaming all to well. This infographic does a solid job of presenting a wide range of information from number of companies developing mobile gaming applications to various characteristics of the mobile gamers. I was more than a little surprised to see that female mobile gamers outnumber the male mobile gamers. I guess us men need the big screen to fully pump up our testosterone to levels high enough to enjoy the gaming experience.

While the graphics are simple, using mostly muted colors and familiar geometric shapes, the vast amount of information almost dictates this type of minimalistic and ordered design. Graphics and words play well together, neither one dominating the other. The choice am modern font was a no-brainer and serves the design well. In fact, the entire infographic has the feel of being read on a mobile device. This is probably my perception and not the intent of the designer but it helps the piece feel more connected with its content.

And with this post, I begin my new rating scorecard.

Design: B-
Solid design, thoughtful use of colors, shapes and space.

Content: B-
Interesting, while not overwhelming.


Growing Up Video Infographic

Wonderfully fun and light-hearted video infographic on a subject most of us want to avoid, getting older and growing up. Narrated by a sweet little girl’s voice, this video is cheerful even as it discusses the prospect of moving through life faster than we want to and rewards that await.

Information from the page:

This is an Infographic for school (VFS) The script was made by Vincent Lui

The video made by:
Kasey Lum
Marisa Torres
Alexander Badr

Growing up…

music by luc
voice by mikayla faria

Growing up means getting married one day.  And marriage usually brings copious amounts of jewelry into the home.  As a married couple ages, money may become tight, and they may need to sell jewelry in order to make ends meet. Yes, the cycle of life. The video infographic sheds more light on the subject of aging.

Most Widely Spoken Languages in the World Infographic

Most Widely Spoken Languages in the World Infographic

Spoken languages Infographic

Most Widely Spoken Languages in the World

When first viewing this infographic you can easily mistake it for a busy subway map. I’m sure that was the intent and it works well. It reminds me when I was using the mass transit system in both Washington D.C. and New York City. And those are two of the most multi-cultural destinations in the United States and it was the norm to hear multiple languages being spoken in the cities and in the subways.

This subway map style is a great communication device, in my estimation, for the showing the many languages this infographic represents.

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SEO Infographic – Link Data Visualization

You will need to click the image to get the full presentation with rollover text.

When it comes to SEO, it can be difficult to explain the difference between quantity and quality to those who are looking for the fastest way possible to rank their websites on Google and other major search engines. Especially when website or business owners start looking at what is working for their competitors and want to follow in their footsteps, which can be especially frustrating to those who know that high quality link building, in the long run, will be much more effective and prevent your website from getting dinged by the search engines.

One of the best ways to simply explain something is by simplifying the main points and placing it into a data visualization. So what does quality link building and expensive beer have in common?  Find out in this awesome, animated infographic!  Click on the image below and hover over the link building types to learn more about the quality of each and how to obtain them as well as see how many PR 1 links do you need to equal the value of a higher PR link.

Source: SEO Infographic – Link Data Visualization

Trusting Beards Infographic

Trusting Beards Infographic

Beards Infographic

Beards and facial hair certainly get a bad rap from time to time or should I say from fashion decade to fashion decade. Sometimes the mustache is in, sometimes it is out.What about the goatee? In fashion of not. The beard can be impressive or oppressive. Too much hair on the face can be shaggy, but Shaggy only had a tuft on his chin. Is that beatnik or cool or are they the same. Soul patch or Fu Manchu? What is your preference? The debate over beards and facial hair is a hairy one to be sure, but this handy dandy infographic on beards will help you make the wise choice.

If you are a man, what type of beard do you grow? What do you want your beard to say about your personality. And now you will know how to react when you see someone sporting a beard. No more getting to know someone, now a quick, snap judgment can be made as long as you carry this helpful infographic around.

In all seriousness, you need to click this infographic and view it at a larger size. The comedy is well groomed and trimmed up just right.

Graphics go great with the witty commentary. A fun infographic with no purpose other than to entertain.


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Shocking CO2 Emissions Infographic

Shocking CO2 Emissions Infographic

China’s population is significantly larger than that of the United States.  Now, you might think, based on this, that it would emit substantially more carbon dioxide than the U.S., but does it?  Well, even though China has 1,338,410,002 inhabitants compared to our 309,636,137 inhabitants, it only emits about 400,00 more tonnes of CO2 than the U.S., as the below infographic supplied by demonstrates.  Americans are quite the consumption hogs, aren’t they.

The infographic below puts many carbon dioxide emission horrors on full display.  Did you know, for instance, that Westminister & the Bank of England consume enough energy to pump out 21,356 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.  That’s the same amount of carbon dioxide that would be emitted if a car could drive to the moon and back 188 times (90 million miles).  Now, here’s a stat you probably won’t believe.  If everyone in the United States became a vegetarian for seven days, we would save about 700 megatons of greenhouse gas emissions, which is the equivalent to taking all the cars off the road in the U.S.  So, put down that hamburger! We’ve got 700 megatons of greenhouse gas to eliminate.


How To Get Rid of a Tattoo Infographic

How To Get Rid of a Tattoo Infographic

Infographic Showing Tattoo Removal

How to get rid of a tattoo? In this day and age that is a question asked more and more with tattooing being at an all-time high in popularity.

This infographic shows how to get rid of a tattoo quite nicely and with a nod to one of my favorite art styles, Art Nouveau. It looks as if an actual photograph was used of a woman and then stylized to resemble an illustration or computer graphic. In any case, it is done very well and is certainly eye-catching. Sex sells and this infographic does that with cheeky success, showing us just enough of the lower back and her lower back tattoo to garner the visual interest that all infographics crave. But this graphic isn’t all style, there is plenty of substance too. The procedure for removing tattoos is labeled and illustrated on the right using multiple tattoo removal methods.

This tattoo infographic goes a step further and give interesting statistics on how many people regret getting a tattoo, what types of tattoos are most popular (butterfly, tribal, star, flower, etc.) and what ages. Finally it wraps it up with some medical conclusions and advice about whether to get  tattoo or not. A lot of information is contained in a very organized fashion with just enough graphics to keep it um…interesting.

This is one infographic that, unlike the tattoo of my ex, I won’t want removed.


How Much Time is Wasted on Loading Unnecessary Data Infographic

How Much Time is Wasted on Loading Unnecessary Data Infographic


Wasted Time on Unnecessary Data

When you visit a website, how much time does the site waste loading unessential data?  Well, the folks at have a created an infographic to help answer this question.  They based their graphic on data analyzed from the top 1,000 websites on the Internet.  Using three basic optimization techniques, they discovered that there were 23 million gigabytes of completely useless data being downloaded each month.  To give you an idea of how much data that is, it would take one person on a standard DSL line a mere 619 years to download it all! Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

Frankly, I had no idea how much useless data was really being downloaded each month until I came across this graphic. Sure, I knew it was a substantial amount.  But 23 million gigabytes? The Internet is truly a place to waste not only time, but data as well. Trading time for data, is it worth it?

A Humorous Look at Infographics

A Humorous Look at Infographics

Funny Infographic

Infographics have been hit by satire

By offering up clearly presented information, infographics have the power to not only engage onlookers but effectively communicate knowledge in a concise way.

A picture is worth a thousand words right? But what about a picture AND a thousand words? Whoa. You may just have an infographic on your hands.

From airline safety manuals to complex data visualizations, I have always been fascinated by infographics. A well done infographic has the power to capture one’s acute attention span and convey information that would have taken longer to simply read (oh no, not reading!). However, for every brilliantly thought out and well executed mashup of art and data, there now seems to be an influx of mundane and formulaic counterparts infesting the very internet that we hold so near and dear.

Here we have an infographic that explores commonalities between the seemingly vast expanse of contrived infographics that appear to have spawned in mass over the past year. If you’re an infographic purest, view at your own risk.

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Housing Market Recovery Infographic

Housing Market Recovery Infographic

The housing market has seen a sharp uptick over the past several months, and it has the federal government to thank for it.  Ever since the federal government handed out an $8,000 home buyer tax credit and lowered mortgage rates in 2009, about a million new buyers have entered the market. This stopped the bleeding of the  slumping housing sector and preserved an estimated 900 billion dollars in home equity, according to the National Association of Realtors.  The folks running’s blog have created an infographic to showoff this recovery.

This graphic demonstrates how the number of home sales has been steadily increasing across many regions in the U.S over the past year.  Notice the profound percentage increase  year-over-year between Q3 and Q4 in total properties sold.  The tremendous upswing in property sales makes this graphic worthy of being displayed across real estate offices across America. I recommend printing copies of it and distributing it to as many people in the real estate sector as possible.

housing recovery

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