Top Reasons to Visit Devon and Cornwall

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This infographic from Blue Chip Holidays features many of the best things about Devon & Cornwall as they can in one place, including the infamous Cornish Pasty, festivals and the top tourist spots. You can take a look at it in more detail below:

Reasons to Vistit Devon & Cornwall

Keep Your Pets Safe on New Years

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This infographic provides a few great tips on how to keep your pets safe on New Year’s Eve. It is a well-known night of parting and celebrating but sometimes our pets can get hurt. Check out this article on a complete list to keep your pets safe.


Have a Safe Christmas With Your Pets

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Christmas is a fun time of year with decorations and Christmas trees all over the house, but our pets are not used to all of these new things. This infographic explains what items in your home may not be safe for your pets, but don’t worry here are some tips to help you keep your pets safe at Christmas.

xmasinfographic_14 (1)

Understand Your Cat’s Body Language

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This cute infographic helps decode the mystical animal known as a cat. Cats are mystifying and often leave us wondering what there actions are telling us. Check out this article for more information about your cat’s body language.


The 12 Days of Holiday Storage

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Buying holiday decorations, taking them out of the box and hanging them up is easy and exciting, but when it comes to putting decorations away it can be a nightmare. Figuring out where to store your holiday decorations can be a pain, while at the same time taking up valuable space and cluttering your home. To keep your home clutter free, ezStorage, a self storage company has created a fun and festive infographic that can help you store your holiday decorations properly without taking up valuable space and preserve your decorations for many more holidays to come. Just a fair warning, this infographic is pretty catchy if sung out loud to the tune of “12 Days of Christmas”!