Do You Work for a Scrooge or a Santa?

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At Christmas time most people are happy and extra nice due to the holiday spirit, but is your manager? The infographic below shows how managers feel about the holiday season. Check out the infographic below to see how your boss or manger compares.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B+

The layout of the design works well the only issue I have is that for this being a Christmas infographic, the design does not reflect this. The images are Christmas images, but the colors black, blue and pink, are not at all Christmas colors.

Infographic Information: B

The information provides and interesting look into how a few managers feel about the holiday at work.


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Business Growth in the UK

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Small businesses are critical to the UK economy. Did you know that there are 4.9 million UK businesses that account for a total turnover of £3.3 billion? With 45% of SMEs planning to grow in the next 12 months, many business owners are ready, willing and able to grow but lack the funds to be able to do so. Many businesses have failed to acquire capital through traditional avenues and are turning to alternative finance options such as the small business loans from Boost Capital. This Infographic outlines the importance of business growth to Great Britain and uncovers accessible business financing options to help SMEs grow in the UK.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B+

The design is professional and clean. The information is displayed with a lot of great graphs and images.

Infographic Information: A

The information provides insight into the small business industry of the UK and provides helpful tips for specific business types.

Is Organic Important To You?

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The value placed on organic food for pets compared to the rest of the family; what’s important about organic to pet parents; and common misconceptions surrounding the USDA Organic logo.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B

The design of this infographic is simple and effective. There are quality images and helpful graphs that display the data.

Infographic Information: B+

The information helps give a quick look at how people feel about organic food and products. The only downside to the information of this infographic is that the infographic does not provide any useful or helpful information the reader can take away.


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Do Vampires Really Make Perfect Boyfriend Material?

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This infographic reveals the top 10 most dateable TV characters of all time and why women like them so much. It looks at the ratio of bad boys vs. nice guys, how the characters dress, and what attractive traits they all have in common.

The data from the infographic was collected from sourcing 53 “sexiest TV character” list posts (all written by women) and counting 444 votes. The infographic aims to provide a unique insight into the character traits women want in man so that guys can then learn how to adopt these traits to get a girlfriend.


A Look at British Tea Drinking

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This infographic was developed by the team at London Office Space who realized that they drink a lot of tea and, after a bit of research, discovered that so do most people in the UK. The infographic provides a fun look at British tea drinking stats and facts, as well as an insight into office tea drinking culture.