Why is Branding Important?

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If you run a business then you have heard the term branding, but why is it so important? Your brand is how you are seen by the individuals and businesses in your industry and around the world. This infographic from FireLabel explains just how important branding is and what you need to know about branding your company.


Does Your Business Need a Back-Up Plan?

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It is important for your business to always be up and running, ready to serve your clients and customers. If there was ever a situation where your business lost power, would you be prepared? This infographic from Advanced Diesel Engineering suggests why it is so important to have a back up plan for your business.

The Triple Crown

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One of the most revered titles for any thoroughbred horse to have is the Triple Crown, which only 12 horses have won since it’s inception.  To acquire the title, the Preakness Stakes, Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes must be won,. This had not been done since 1978, making this an elusive title until American Pharoah won it this year. This a great achievement, and in the spirit of celebration here is an infographic from the online wagering site MyWinners.com, including some interesting facts about the title, its history and previous winners.

triple crown_1

Adult Education

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More and more adults are going back to school to get degrees in higher education. This infographic from Oxford Open Learning has  interesting facts on what Adult Education looks like in the UK.


Where Energy Is Lost In Your Home

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When your energy bill is higher and your trying to figure out where to save, it is important to know where your home is losing energy. This infographic from Snug Network shows the different areas of the home that can account for energy loss. It not only points out the problem areas but also offers a solution to help fix them.