The Federal Minimum Wage: What’s Next?

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Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), workers in the United States must be paid at least a minimum wage — currently set at $7.25 an hour. While states and municipalities have the power to establish higher wages — for example, Washington is $9.32 and San Francisco is $10.74 — the federal minimum wage creates a base level for most employees. The only exceptions to the rule are certain tipped employees, full-time students, youth workers and disabled workers.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1.6 million hourly workers earned the federal minimum wage in 2012, with nearly 2 million more earning less than the minimum because they fell under one of the above exemptions. More than half of minimum wage employees work in the leisure and hospitality industry, followed by retail, education and health services.

How did we get to today’s rate of $7.25 an hour?Let’s take a closer look at the history of the minimum wage.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B+

If there is one thing that I love about an infographic, it is when they have good organization. That means that the information is laid out in an easy to read and follow design. This infographic uses a timeline design to help guide the reader through all of the information. The years are clearly labeled and designed to standout from the rest of the text. My only negative is that the top part is a little dull and should be more appealing to the eye to attract readers.

Infographic Information: B+

The information is interesting and helps shows how the federal minimum wage has changed over the years. I like the historical facts about the minimum wage. My pet peeve about infographics is that they should provide something valuable to the reader. This infographic shares facts but provides nothing for the reader to take away from the infographic.

Infographic provided by HRdirect.

Top Shocking Security Breaches in History

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Take a look back through time at some of the world’s most shocking – and in some cases most deadly – security breaches, including the assassination of Franz Ferdinand (largely credited as a major factor in the start of World War I), the 1972 Munich Olympics Massacre as well as the 9/11 attacks, in this infographic from domestic and commercial security specialists 1st Ace Security.


Help Your Business Grow

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This infographic from explains why accepting credit cards helps open your business up to more customer. You don’t want to have a business that excludes a majority of the market because you don’t accept credit cards. Cash is great but in today’s world less people are carrying cash.


How Web Hosting Works For Your Site

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Choosing the right web hosting provider is critical to the overall performance of your website and is a decision that every webmaster needs to think carefully about. The below info-graphic shows how quickly the hosting industry has grown and also highlights the different types of website hosting like VPS and dedicated hosting.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: A

If you follow this site at all you know that I love an organized infographic. That means breaking up the information and making it flow properly for the reader. This infographic takes several pieces of web hosting information and clearly defines the areas of the infographic that discuss each topic. This is important for readers!

Infographic Information: A

Infographic should have valuable information that is easy to read and understand. Too much detail can be a bad thing. This infographic highlights three main points and provides small concise facts to support each topic. This infographic has a great balance of information and detail.

Infographic provided by

The Growth of eCommerce

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It is no secret that people spend a lot of time online. Almost every aspect of our lives involves the internet somehow. Whether its online banking, paying bills, getting directions, looking up menus, or even shopping, everything can take place on the internet. That is why it should be no surprise that eCommerce has grown over the years and is projected to grow even more in the future. Everyone shops online. It is a quick and easy way to find what you like and have it shipped right to your home.

The infographic below from, shows the data behind the growth of eCommerce and where they project it is going in the future. If you are thinking about joining the online marketplace or interested in the economics of eCommerce, then this infographic is for you!


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: A

Creative and fun design that showcases the information in an organized way. The bright blue colors standout and grab readers’ attention.

Infographic Information: B

The information is good and I appreciate the text to accompany each graph to better explain the information.